The VIP Paparazzi Magazine is published bi-monthly on Mondays. Camera-ready ads are due two weeks prior to issue date. Ads cannot be cancelled the week of shipping. The VIP Paparazzi reserves the right to publish an advertiser’s previous ad as well as decline advertising which does not meet our brand intent, audience, or taste. Ad balance must be paid in full prior to ads being published.

Ads submitted after deadline are subject to late fees. Ads designed by The VIP Paparazzi are subject to $125 / hour design fee.


Alt Wednesdays: 6 times a year.

Ad workup: Friday, 14 days prior to submission deadline.

Cancellations:  Wednesday, 30 days prior

Proof requests: Wednesday, 14 days prior

Late Charges for ads received after deadline: $75.00 for every 48 hours late.

Composite PDF format preferred (press optimized for PDFx certified). All other images should be CMYK.

All fonts should be embedded or converted to paths where applicable. 150 line-screen (300 DPI) Total Ink Limit: 290%


Please send finalized ads 

to our Drop Box account at:

Email subject: Your Company Name Ad. Issues, please contact your ad representative at: 1-800-578-9769 for details on file transmission. 

Please only upload single files at a time. 

Contact Information:

Allen J. Redwing, Sales Manager




What Can I do to Get Your Business?

“Yes, I've heard salespeople say this,” exclaims Giglio. “If I were the advertiser, I'd say ‘drop your rates by 50% and rate protect me for five years." When a question like this is asked you are a vendor not a consultant. And that means you are a commodity, something that can easily be replaced. You have no value.

“Train your team to be marketing consultants,” recommends Giglio. “Get them committed to understanding the goals and challenges of each advertiser well before they present their publication.” By doing this, salespeople can then initiate their presentations by saying "Now that I have an understanding of your business let's look at XYZ as a vehicle to bridge this advertising gap.